Ula’s Dental Implant Journey

Ula came to see us because she was unhappy with the way her teeth looked. She had broken her front tooth on the upper right hand side of her mouth so when she smiled you could see this very clearly. This made Ula self conscious and knocked her confidence talking to people.

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We discussed future treatment with Ula who decided she wanted something more long term instead of having a bridge. We put together a treatment plan that suited Ula deciding on a dental implant for her gap at the front and a replacement of some crowns.



Ula is very happy with her new smile. Social events and talking to people are no longer a struggle. She is now able to smile again with confidence. It’s been a year after treatment now and Ula feels like her confidence has gone from strength to strength.

My advice to anyone who is not happy with their smile is to do something about it sooner than later, it really does make a difference. I’m so pleased with my smile I wish I had it done years ago!” Ula

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