Teeth whitening for Stephanie

For a long time, I had felt self conscious about the colour of my teeth. I looked online for tooth whitening systems and did my research. Enlighten seemed like the best tooth whitening system on the market so I looked for dental practices in the area who offer Enlighten and booked an appointment with Brunner Court Dental & Implant Practice.

At my consultation, the whitening procedure was explained to me and I did not feel that there was any pressure for me to book in and go ahead with whitening. I really wanted my teeth to be white and Enlighten guarantees that you reach the lightest shade on the tooth shade chart. This is the result I wanted, so I did not hesitate to book in.

The whitening overall takes 2 weeks then you have 2 appointments with the dentist to have power whitening sessions. You also get tooth serums and gadgets throughout to help with any sensitivity.

I am so happy with the results of my teeth. I now feel happier and confident to smile and I didn’t experience any discomfort at all.

I would highly recommend Brunner Court Dental & Implant Practice and the Enlighten tooth whitening system. All the staff are very friendly and approachable and I am so pleased with the result of my teeth. If you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth, I would definitely book in.

‘’I now feel happier and more confident’’

– Stephanie – Dental Patient

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