Philip’s Dental Implant Journey

A few years ago I had a couple of bottom teeth removed, this affected my confidence as you could see the gaps when I was smiling or talking. I also struggled to chew and eat properly as I didn’t have many teeth left to do so and I didn’t want my remaining teeth to be damaged.  I had been seeing Nikhil for many years for routine dental work and I finally decided to discuss my options with him about the gaps.

At my consultation, Nikhil discussed all my treatment options with me thoroughly about how I can improve my smile and replace the gaps I have. After having a think about my options I decided the best long term more permanent option for me was to have the dental implants.

After my consultation I was referred to have a full mouth scan to check my bone density, to make my stent for the guided surgery & to create a mock up of my dental implant surgery on the computer with accurate measurements. After everything was checked over and discussed with me and all the planning was finished I the booked in to have dental implants placed.

On the day of the surgery, Nikhil explained everything to me step by step in detail as he went along and all the dental team were really friendly and made me feel comfortable. The surgery went really well and wasn’t anything like I had imagined it to be like. There was no pain or anything that was scary about the treatment. It was a keyhole surgery procedure so only a small incision was made and there are no stitches required.

I am so happy with the result of my dental implants. They have made such a life changing difference to me. I am finally able to eat again with no struggles and I have so much more confidence now to be able to talk & smile without worrying about people seeing missing teeth gaps.

Nikhil has looked after my teeth for several years and I would recommend him to anyone who was thinking about joining a dentist or especially getting dental implants. I have been so impressed with how friendly and professional Nikhil is I even followed him to Brunner court Dental Practice from his old place of work which is over an hour travel from my home.

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