Olivia’s Enlighten whitening Journey

I came for a consultation with Natasja Oberai to discuss Enlighten teeth whitening as I am unhappy with the shade of my teeth. About a year ago I knocked my front tooth causing trauma and discolouration to the tooth.

I was very impressed with all the information given to me about Enlighten whitening and the process was explained to me thoroughly so I knew what to expect. It was very reassuring knowing this system guarantees me the B1 shade which is the lightest shade on the shade chart. This is exactly the results I wanted to achieve.

On my first appointment I came in and had moulds of my teeth taken & given my tooth serum to use for 2 weeks which works to stop any sensitivity during the bleaching process. 2 weeks later I picked my trays up and was shown how use them and the tooth whitening gel. My teeth were then sealed in surgery with a sealant that stops sensitivity. I didn’t experience any sensitivity at all which I was so happy about and the gels are really easy to use, most nights I forgot I had them in.  Another 2 weeks later I then came back for my final appointment which I had to bring my trays to and then whitened my teeth with the dentist.I am so happy with the results of the whitening. It has given me so much confidence, especially in public speaking to people. I actually can’t stop smiling.

I would recommend Enlighten whitening to anyone who is unhappy with the colour of their teeth. It’s easy and quick and the results are amazing. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thank you so much to Natasja and all the dental team.


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