Laser Gum Treatment
Effective treatment for Gum disease now available for everyone. you don’t have to be a patient to access this treatment

Will the Gum Treatment with laser Hurt?

The treatment with the laser should be a painless procedure to go through at our Clinic. The procedure is carried out under Local Anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is first administered to the areas where the treatment is going be performed and only once it has taken, will the procedure begin.

How long do I need to stay home for?

After the procedure you do not need to take any time off. The recovery is a very short one. We have our clients who would return to their daily routine after the procedure. We will give you a follow up sheet after the procedure with instructions to keep the discomfort to a minimum.

How often can I have this done?

Once you have had this treatment, we normally see a very good success rate. We do not recommend the treatment be done again over a 12 month period to give the gums time to heal.

Points to remember!

These are a few pointers towards the treatment: 

  • You do not have to be a patient to come in and have this treatment. You can come in specifically for this treatment and keep your regular appointments with your own dentist.
  • It is a painless Procedure
  • Very Effective Results
  • Reduction in Pocket Depth
  • Excellent long term results
  • Healing is much faster with laser treatments
  • There is minimal bleeding involved with the treatment
  • No need to stop any medications prior to treatment
  • No stitches or Incisions involved. 
  • Fixed cost of the treatment provided
  • Complete disinfection of the gums using this method
  • Less bleeding Gums after the procedure

What Is Laser Gum Treatment?

This is one of the ways in which we can treat gum disease using a laser. The laser we use is used to disinfect the gums, remove the infected tissue and kill the bacteria present around the gums. After we have carried out this treatment, we see that the gums start to heal at a faster rate due to the disinfection of the gums using this method. Our clinic has been providing this treatment with a very high success rate for patients who are looking for an effective treatment for gum disease.

One of the signs of gum disease is bleeding gums. If you are suffering from bleeding gums and would like to see if this treatment is suited to you, you can book in to see our clinician and we can provide you with some expert advice. After the treatment, we find that the gums bleed a lot less as bacteria have been removed from the gums. The gums appear less inflamed and red. We find that if you have loose teeth and pus present around your gums, this procedure can help reduce the mobility and increase the life span of the loose teeth.

Hygienist Suite

The clinic as well equipped with the latest gadgets that dentistry can offer and provides a calm relaxing atmosphere. We have recently installed a feature of clouds on the ceiling for you to gaze at while having your laser treatment. We find that the clouds bring a element of zen to the clinic and our clients find it calming. If you are an anxious patient about dental treatment the small touches that you will find in the clinic will be a calming change for you.

Once the treatment has been completed we recommend that you have a professional clean done every 3 months to prevent the build up of plaque and calculus around the teeth and the gums. This will ensure the bacteria levels are kept at a minimum and the health of your teeth at an optimum.

Patient Testimonial after Laser Gum Treatment:

‘’I was recommended to see the hygienist Philip Lucas for laser gum treatment as I had a 7mm deep pocket around my tooth which was extremely painful.

Phil was very nice and jolly which put me straight at ease. He explained the treatment with me in detail and shown me a video then answered all my questions.

On the day of the treatment I was slightly nervous but the treatment sounds worse than what it actually is. I was numbed up so I didn’t feel a thing and I only felt like I was having a normal scale & polish when the laser was working, there was a slight burning smell but that was all.

I am so happy with the results, after only 1 treatment I am out of pain and the pocket depth has halved in size after just 3 months.

I am so pleased and very grateful to all the team at Brunner Court Dental Practice. I would highly recommend anyone to join this dental practice if they are looking for a new dentist.”

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