Kay’s Dental Implant Journey

I had sadly lost my front teeth in an accident in my early teens which meant I have had a lot of restorative work done to these teeth over the years. After the last crown that I had become unsightly due to receding gums and bone loss plus wear and tear, I was told by my dentist Noel that another crown just wasn’t an option and I was offered a denture or a bridge, which is an alternative to a denture.

It was then suggested by Vicky (the first-class dental nurse) that an implant maybe an option as the Dr. Nikhil Oberai had particular expertise in dental implants. This option seemed like the best option for me as I wanted something more permanent then a bridge and taking a denture in and out didn’t appeal to me.
I had a consultation with Nikhil, who was knowledgeable, gentle and calm. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease as he took the time to explain the implant procedure in full and reassured me as he answered all my questions and concerns that I had.

After I was referred for a bone scan which was satisfactory, I decided to go ahead with the Implant. The whole process went smoothly and exactly as Nikhil had described to me in the consultation and was totally pain free.

I would recommend Nikhil to anyone out there looking at getting dental implants. Yes, it is more expensive, but well worth it. Not only has it given me renewed confidence due to the excellent natural tooth appearance; I can now experience the long lost joy of biting into an apple. My only regret is that I did not do it years ago.

A big “Thank you” to Nikhil and his team for taking my expectations above and beyond.


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