Joyce’s Implant Journey

I had been wearing an upper denture and I really disliked it. It was very uncomfortable and I was self-conscious when it came to eating food, talking and smiling. My dentist Noel then suggested I should book in for a consultation to see Dr Nikhil Obreai  as he specialise in dental implants which would be an option for me to have something more permanent which is fixed like a real tooth and not have to wear a denture.

My experience at the assessment stage was excellent. The whole procedure was explained to me in full, both the pros and cons.  Also the financial costs were broken down and the time scales were explained to me in full.

On the day of the surgery, I was very nervous but the  procedure went really well and didn’t take as long as I thought I would. I didn’t experience  any pain at all and all the staff involved in the procedure were very reassuring and looked after me which made me feel much better about the surgery.

I am so happy with my implant, It is very natural looking and Its such a good feeling not having to wear a denture anymore, also the follow up visits afterwards  are very reassuring that everything is really well.

I would recommend Dr Nikhil Oberai to anyone who is thinking about having a dental implant or anyone who is struggling with their dentures. He understood my apprehension, explained every aspect of the procedure, answered all my questions and made me feel so at ease and confident.

Thank you to Dr Nikhil Oberai and his dental team.

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