Joanna’s Dental Implant Journey

3 years ago I had a bad fall and broke my tooth near the front which resulted in the tooth dying as the damage to the nerve and unfortunately because of the impact and the shock the tooth next to it also died. This resulted in me wearing an upper denture which I really wasn’t keen on. It affected my confidence with eating and speaking and my social life in general.

I decided I needed something fixed and a more permanent solution so booked in for a consultation for see Dr Nikhil Oberai to discuss Dental Implants. I was very impressed and really positive as Nikhil took time to explain the whole process and demonstrate what would be done using models.

On the day of the treatment I was quite nervous especially of feeling any pain but after settling down and getting started it all went very smoothly & was a lot quicker than I expected. I would actually say the hardest part of it all was keeping my mouth open for nearly an hour.

I am so happy with the dental implants they are just like real teeth. In fact they are better than the original teeth. Before the implant crowns were fitted I took the opportunity to have Enlighten teeth whitening so Nikhil was very careful on the shade matching to get the aesthetic just perfect and now my teeth look better than ever.

If anyone is considering having dental implants I wouldn’t hesitate. The procedure is straight forward and you will get a fantastic result. It really is like someone just giving you your teeth back.

I would highly recommend Nikhil and his team without any hesitation. They have looked after me very well and taken great care to ensure I had a fantastic end result.

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