Jessica’s Facial Aesthetics Journey

I have always wanted my lips to be a nice defined shaped and much fuller in size. I have always put off having lip fillers done as I have read and heard awful things about what can happen when the treatment goes wrong or if you have a reaction to the products and this was always something that worried me.  After much of research I booked in for a consultation with Phil after he was highly recommended to me by a friend and because he uses the best products on the market.

At my consultation Phil was very informative and his kind caring attitude put me at ease straight away. He discussed with me in full about what look I wanted to achieve and exactly what he could do to achieve this. The fact he has over 15 years experience in facial aesthetics also was a massive factor of me coming to Brunner Court for my treatment.

After my consultation I had made my mind up that I would like to go ahead with having lip fillers done.  Phil took some pictures of my lips beforehand so I could see the difference after my treatment when he takes an after picture. He then placed some numbing cream on my lips to prevent discomfort from the filler injections. He then reassured me that the Juvederm filler he uses has numbing agents in it that also helps reduce soreness.

During my treatment at first I felt a slight scratch sensation and little pressure when the filler went in but after the first few injections I could barely feel a thing. I was quite impressed by how little pain I experienced as I expected much worse.

I am so happy with the results of my lips they are just what I wanted and I feel so much more confident about my appearance. I am booking back in soon with Phil for some more filler and some bot*x. I wouldn’t go anywhere else after my amazing experience at Brunner Court Dental Practice.

If you are contemplating having facial aesthetics to improve the way you look I would recommend Phil at Brunner Court Dental to anyone. I am so pleased with my results and I know anyone else wanting this kind of treatment would be just as happy as me.

Thank you to Phil and all the team at Brunner Court Dental.

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