Janets’s Smile Makeover Journey

I was always very self conscious of my upper teeth and I had been for a very long time. Gradually over the years my teeth became quite stained and continued to become worse. I decided because it was really effecting my confidence that I will see the dentist and see what my options were to improve my smile.

At my consultation appointment Nikhil went through all my options with me in a very professsional manner and I was happy and confident with the suggestions given to me. I decided to go with the Enlighten tooth whitening and Composite fillings on my front teeth.

The treatment went really well, everything was explained to me in detail and any questions I had were answered, so I felt at ease throughout the treatment.

I am so happy with the results of my treatment. I can finally smile without feeling self conscious about the colour and shape of my teeth. They look a very natural white shade not the “Hollywood2 bright smaile, which is just what I wanted, as a bright white smile wasn’t me at all.

I would happily recommend Nikhil Oberai and his team at Brunner Court as the whole process was handled very effciently and the outcome was very effective.

If you are looking to improve your smile and want to gain self confidence I would highly recommend to take the plunge and book a consultation and see what the dentist can do for you. It really does make such a difference to your confidence when you are happy with your smile.

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