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My advice to anyone who is not happy with their smile is to do something about it sooner than later, it really does make a difference. I’m so pleased with my smile I wish I had it done years ago! – Mrs Parker

Having lost a tooth can be losing part of yourself. You can now get this replacement done at Brunner Court Dental & Implant Practice. Offering reliable and consistent results using dental implants.

Having gone through rigorous training Dr. Nikhil Oberai completed his Masters in Dental Implantology from the University of Manchester where he carried out his undergraduate studies too. Dr. Oberai is an external examiner for BAIRD Dental Implant Course, Mentor for the Cambridge Dental Academy and lectures on Dental Implants for Osstem Implant Limited. He also has trained dentists on various courses for Digital Aspects in Dentistry and now teaches at the University of Manchester on a part time basis.

Treatments now available here are:

  • Dental Implant Treatment from Simple to Complex Full mouth Dental Implants
  • Sedation Services for Nervous Patients
  • Bone Replacement and All on 4 Implants
  • Sinus Lifts & Bone Grafting from Jaw or Synthetic Bone.

What is a dental Implant?

Dental Implants involve a dental procedure that is carried out to replace a missing tooth in the mouth. An implant itself is made up of two main components;

  1. The (titanium) screw that is careful placed into the jaw bone to mimic the root of a tooth. It is allowed to fuse to the bone thereby creating a strong and reliable replacement for a natural tooth.
  2. The crown. The crown is part of the implant that is visible to you in the mouth. It is tooth coloured and can can be either mechanically screwed into the implant or cemented onto it.

Dental Implant treatment is reliant upon the amount of bone we have in the mouth and we would always carry out further investigations to ensure there is enough bone before placing the dental implant. These investigations include x-rays of the area and Cone Beam CT Scans. Once we have analysed the bone we then plan the dental implant by using software that enables us to plan each case in 3D.

What does the procedure of the Dental Implant entail?

The first process always starts with an detailed examination to ensure your overall dental health is favourable. Thereafter a detailed 50 point assessment checklist is completed to assess your oral health i.e. your gum health, your bite and jaw movements.

Once we complete this, we then move on to x-rays and Cone Beam CT scans to get a complete picture of what we are working with.

After this, we would plan the case for 3D placement of the implant(s) using customised software and experienced laboratory technicians. We would in some cases get a 3D-printed surgical guide fabricated to increase the precision with which we place the implant.

We would then carry out the surgery to place the dental implant. Following placement, we would either allow the healing process to ensue before constructing the crown (this can take up to 10 weeks) or in some cases, we are able to immediately start construction of the crown.

How Long Does it Take to get an Implant done?
Implant Treatment is a bespoke treatment that is tailored to each individual. This process can vary from immediate crowns on to the implants ( Same Day Teeth ) to rebuilding bone and placing implants 6 months later.

Can I get my teeth on the same day?
This is a very common treatment that we provide in our clinic in Northwich. In order for us to provide this we plan the case to place the Dental Implant into the bone and place a crown onto the dental implant to mimic a natural tooth. This is then later replaced with a definitive crown after.

How do I know if I have enough bone?
We always carry out scans to assess the bone to ensure there is enough bone before proceeding. But if you do not have enough bone we can carry out additional bone grafting procedures to build this. Come and have a chat.

Points to Remember:

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when considering our clinic to look after you for the replacement using dental implants:

  • Very High Success Rates for Implants
  • Modern Dental Practice
  • Award winning Practice
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Friendly and Relaxing Atmosphere
  • Excellent Feedback from existing patients at the clinic
  • Sedation available for procedures that you are nervous about
  • Very high Standards of Cross infection
  • Passed All CQC and Denplan Excel Inspections

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