Elsie’s Enlighten Whitening Journey

I was really unhappy with the shade of my teeth and I have a tooth at the front that has been Root Filled which made it look much darker in colour compared to my other teeth.  I decided I wanted teeth whitening and had a look around at dentists in the area that do this. After reading all the positive testimonials Brunner Court had online I decided to book a free consultation to discuss the whitening treatment in further detail.

At my consultation I was told all about the process in detail and was given a breakdown of the cost which was very helpful. Phil was lovely and talkative and made me feel comfortable and happy I had choice to come to Brunner Court.

I decided at my consultation I would like to go ahead with the Enlighten teeth whitening and I had impressions of my teeth taken there and then ready to have my whitening trays made, I was given a tooth serum to use to for the next 2 weeks to prepare my teeth ready for the whitening  which prevents any sensitivity.  At my next appointment I had the whitening trays fitted and all the whitening kit and process was explained to me step by step. 2 weeks later I came for my final appointment which was a 1 hour in surgery whitening.

I am so happy with the whole process from beginning to end. Phil was confident and explained everything in detail, I experienced no sensitivity what so ever and the outcome was a huge improvement.

I am a lot more confident with my smile and the whitening even whitened up my tooth that had been Root Canal treated and this tooth bothered me every day.

I would recommend Enlighten tooth whitening at Brunner Court Dental practice to everyone. The treatment is brilliant, works well and is cost effective. The staff are lovely, they really show an interest.


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