Debera’s Enlighten Whitening Journey

I booked in for a consultation with Phil for Enlighten tooth whitening after Noel suggested that if I am worried about my teeth shade I should book in and ask any questions and see what I think about the treatment. I have always been bothered about the shade of my teeth and have always wanted to have them whitened but I’ve always felt like there were some risks to my teeth and questioned if it’s safe.

At my consultation Phil explained exactly what to expect from Enlighten and what commitment was expected of me to achieve the best results. I then signed the consent form and agreed this treatment was what I wanted. Impressions were taken then he explained the whole process from start to finish carefully and I left feeling confident of the whole process. This made me very happy as I like to be fully informed before hand and I was. This made me put my whole trust in Phil.

During the whitening process I did experience slight discomfort on my second week with the higher strength gel in the front teeth and around the gums. This lasted 24 hours and did subside using the de-sensitizing buds you get with the kit.

Overall I am very pleased with the results. There was no effect in my lifestyle during the whitening process and I am so much more confident to smile now. (I am not that sort of vain person) however I am a lot happier about how my teeth look and I am now more aware of how bad they actually were in shade!

I would recommend anyone if you can afford it to go for this treatment. The information given to me was clear and thorough and I felt I could trust the staff at Brunner Court with the health of my teeth as well as the look of them.

It’s simple, effective and you get great results for very little inconvenience or effort.

Thank you to everyone at Brunner Court dental practice for my brighter, whiter smile.

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