Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle injections commonly known as Bot*x is a treatment used to reduce facial lines and wrinkles as well as providing future prevention. They are also used to prevent headaches/ migraines and treat excessive sweating in the hands, feet, armpits or feet which usually lasts up to 6 months. Anti-Wrinkle injections use a drug called Botulinum toxin which relaxes the overactive muscles in the face which causes you to get wrinkles and lines. We insert an ultrafine needle into the muscles which relaxes them temporarily for a period of 3-6 months. In some cases the effects can last much longer than 6 months dependent on skin type and lifestyle.

How Anti-wrinkle injections work

Bot*x injections help to reduce the signs of ageing by plumping up and restoring the skins youthful volume, create a smoother and fuller look whilst maintaining natural facial expression. They reduce the look of worry lines, crow’s feet, frown and laugh lines. It can also give you a natural eyebrow lift for that more awake look. Botulinum Toxin injections have been safely used now for over 15 years all over the world and is becoming a common and more popular treatment to prevent wrinkles amongst most celebrities and women today. The treatments aim is to break the habit of frowning and squinting by relaxing these muscles we use to do so, which will reduce the appearance of the lines and also help to prevent the further development of future facial lines.

What’s involved in Anti-wrinkle treatment

After cleansing the area to be treated, a numbing cream will be applied. This ensures the injections will only cause minimal discomfort. Botulinum is then injected directly into the muscle using an ultrafine needle. This relaxes the muscles treated temporarily for a period of up to 6 months.


You can return to day to day activities straight away after Bot*x injections. Your facial practitioner will discuss your recovery and what to expect when you attend you appointment.

You will notice the effects usually 3-5 days after the treatment with maximum effects visible 7-10 days after. The treatment lasts from around 3-6 months but with ongoing treatments the effects can last much longer.

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