Anne’s Dental Implants Journey

I have been coming to Brunner Court Dental Practice for several years and I have always thought about having dental implants as I had lost my back molar teeth years ago. This made my facial features change shape and eventually started to really struggle eating food as I was only able to use my front teeth as I had a full upper denture. Nikhil suggested to me that I could have dental implants placed to replace the gaps I had at the back; this would make my face shape change and will allow me to chew food properly enabling me to actually enjoy a meal without any struggle and to smile again with confidence.

At my Implant consultation Nikhil took the time to explain what the procedure entails and went through all the questions I had for him in every detail so I understood everything I needed to know.

On the day of the placement of implants Nikhil and his staff were really caring and thorough. They looked after me through out and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease. The surgery went all to plan as expected and it wasn’t at all as bad as what you expect it to be.

I am very pleased with the results and I would have no hesitation in recommending Nikhil and his dental practice to anyone. It has made such a big difference to how I look and being able to chew my food without struggle is the best feeling I could ask for after all the years I’ve been just coping and dealing with it.

If you’re contemplating having dental implants I would advise you to not hold back and just go for it. I wish I had booked in to have them done years ago.


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