Alred’s Dental Implants Journey

I have been coming to see Dr Noel Owens at Brunner Court Dental practice for many years. I came in to see him with existing problems on a few teeth which made wearing my dentures very awkward and not comfortable. Noel recommended I see Dr Nikhil Oberai to discuss my options as I wanted a more permanent solution.

At my consultation Nikhil was very informative and knowledgeable. He discussed my treatment options in full and we decided the best option for me would be to have the remaining teeth out and have a full upper implant retained denture. A full treatment plan was produced for me with a breakdown of what will happen at each appointment and the price.

At my first appointment I came in to have the 2 remaining upper teeth removed and then had a recovery period where we waited for my mouth to fully heal before moving onto the next stage.

After the healing process I had some impressions taken of my mouth and a CT scan to check my bone level to prepare ready for the placement of the implants.

On the day of the surgery I had 4 upper implants placed. This went very well and all to plan. The staff were very nice to me and checked during the whole treatment I was feeling ok and that I was happy with everything. After the placement of implants I followed hygiene instructions given to me to prevent any infection and healing went really well.

Next I was referred to Dr Natasja Kashyap who made me my full upper denture. Natasja is a denture specialist who is doing her masters. She made the process quick and easy and my denture is a great fit and looks natural.

I am so pleased with the end result. I am able to eat again properly with no struggle, I never thought I’d be able to chew a steak again or crunch away on nuts but I really can do this now and really enjoy my food.  It is one of the best things I decided to do and I’d advise anyone who is struggling along with their denture to not hold back and look into having dental implants.

I’d recommend Brunner Court Dental Practice to anybody whether it’s just to join as a new patient or whether you are interested in Dental Implants or a new denture. They excel in their customer service and patient care. They are always professional and the dentists are very informative.

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