Allan’s Denture Journey

I joined Brunner Court Dental Practice as a new patient in Oct 2016. I was really struggling to manage with my dentures they had become too loose which made them a poor fit so eating and talking became difficult for me.

I booked in for a consultation with Dr Natasja Kashyap who specialises in dentures. At the consultation she discussed all the options available to me in full detail, giving me the time lengths it would take, the breakdown of each appointment and a detailed quote of what the cost would be. I was very impressed with how informative and friendly Natasja was. She made me feel comfortable and I trusted her completely to make me a good set of dentures.

The whole process of having my dentures made went smoothly, efficiently and according to plan. My first 2 appointments were taking accurate impressions of my mouth shape and how my teeth bite together. This is then sent to the dental laboratory to have a mock up dentures make in wax. My 3rd appointment was to try my wax dentures in and to check I like the fit and the look of the dentures as well as the shade of the teeth. I was very happy with my dentures at this stage in wax so at my next appointment I had my dentures fitted.

I am so happy with the end result it has made such a difference to me. I can smile and talk with confidence without worrying about my denture falling down and embarrassing me. I am also able to chew my food properly and enjoy it comfortably. It did take some time to get used to the dentures, particularly eating with them but gradually this just becomes normal. I expected it to be a lot more uncomfortable getting used to the dentures then it actually was.

I would highly recommend Natasja Kashyap to anyone if they felt its time they needed to get new dentures. She is very professional and knows exactly what she is doing to make the best fitting dentures possible for you.

Thank you to Natasja and all the lovely staff at Brunner Court Dental for all your help to make me feel happy again.


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