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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Say bye to removable dentures and hello to the new age treatment using implants to replace teeth!

How Long will the treatment take?

After we have seen you for a consultation we then start to make a bespoke plan to replace your teeth with implants and bridgework. This process can take up to a few weeks to plan the case. Once we have planned the case we would be ready for the surgery and we book out a full morning or afternoon to carry out the procedure.

Can I have the teeth on the same day?

Yes you can. If you are struggling with dentures and would like to have the bridge placed on the same day we can arrange this. We would make your bridge before the procedure and once the implants are placed, screw the bridge into place. This procedure gives you teeth on the same day as the implants placed.

Benefits on All on 4 Implants: 

  • Free Initial Consultation to discuss through options
  • Finance options Available
  • Treatments can be done under sedation
  • Same Day Teeth available
  • No more dentures
  • Very Aesthetic Finish with all case
  • Meticulous Planning through all stages ensures smooth transition
  • Eating Food with Stable Teeth
  • Carried out with Clinicians with a special focus interest in providing these treatments
  • Friendly Caring Staff who always are on the end of the phone and email
  • 0% Finance plans for 12months
  • Implants placed with precision using Planning software
  • Digital Workflow done for all cases ensuring precision for all cases done.

What is All on 4 Implants Rehabilitation ?

This is a treatment where we would treat the entire jaw with dental implants. If you are missing teeth and would like a fixed option to replace teeth then this treatment would be suited for you. It involves the placement of Implants in a strategically planned inclination to support a bridge. This bridge is then screwed into the implants and this provides for a fixed solution to missing teeth. We find that every patient needs a bespoke plan to replace the missing teeth. After the consultation we then carry out various investigations to ensure you are fit to have the treatment. We also encourage our patients to consider sedation for this procedure which is available at our practice. We can carry this treatment out in a single day if needed i.e. we can place the implants and the bridge at the same appointment. This would mean there would be no need to wear dentures at all throughout the process. If we place the bridge on the same day as the implants then we would replace this with a definitive bridge after a few months of the implants healing.

What happens on the Day of  Treatment?

On the day we advise that you arrive early for your appointment. We will discuss the treatment and run through the procedure briefly. We do this as we would have already agreed and created a bespoke plan with yourself at previous appointments. If you are undergoing sedation we recommend someone to attend with you to take you home. We would then carry out the surgery in one of our treatment rooms and after have some time for recovery.

We would then discharge you on the day of surgery with instructions on how to take care of the bridge at home. We give you information on how to contact the clinician in case you need some advice once you have gone home as well.

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