Alison’s Laser Periodontal treatment

I was recommended to see the hygienist Philip Lucas for laser gum treatment as I had a 7mm deep pocket around my tooth which was extremely painful.

Phil was very nice and jolly which put me straight at ease. He explained the treatment with me in detail and shown me a video then answered all my questions.

On the day of the treatment I was slightly nervous but the treatment sounds worse than what it actually is. I was numbed up so I didn’t feel a thing and I only felt like I was having a normal scale & polish when the laser was working, there was a slight burning smell but that was all.

I am so happy with the results, after only 1 treatment I am out of pain and the pocket depth has halved in size after just 3 months.

I am so pleased and very grateful to all the team at Brunner Court Dental Practice. I would highly recommend anyone to join this dental practice if they are looking for a new dentist.

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