Are you ready for your smile makeover?

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Many of us look in the mirror and see things that we might not like so much and would consider changing if we could. Sometimes it’s simply growing older that gets us down, or it might be a little weight gain, or even something more extreme – in our age of social media with its portrayal of perceived ‘perfection’ it’s only human to start to self-criticise.

At Brunner Court Dental Practice in Northwich, Cheshire, many patients tell us the things about their smile that they are not completely happy with. Some people want whiter teeth, others want straighter teeth, sometimes the shape and size of the teeth feel like a problem, and some people suffer from missing teeth. First of all, there is nothing wrong with looking unique, we strongly believe that each individual is perfect just the way they are! However, there are many treatments that we can offer to help spruce things up, without creating that ‘fake’ look. Our ethos is all about making you look like the very best version of you.

Smile makeovers

So, what can we do? Everyone loves a makeover, whether it’s a new hair style, a new outfit, or a new smile! At Brunner Court Dental Practice, smile makeovers are exactly what we love to do.

Your journey towards a new smile starts by discussing the various factors that you aren’t happy with and from here we can put together a treatment plan that is completely tailored to your personal needs, all designed to achieve the smile of your dreams. This doesn’t need to be extreme, we have various skills and techniques that we can employ to make subtle yet aesthetic tweaks that offer simply stunning results.

By combining treatments like dental implants or crowns and bridge work to replace missing teeth where required, composite bonding to even out the shape and size of the teeth, orthodontics to straighten crooked teeth, and tooth whitening to brighten the overall smile, we are able to create results that are both aesthetic and functional.

If you would like to give your smile a boost, why not book a consultation to discover how we could help? You’ll be amazed by some of the treatments we can offer and how some small tweaks can create incredibly beautiful results! Just give us a call on 01606 44394 to book an appointment.

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